~Finding passion

The Earth surface on a gold mine is the same, how deep you go matters to find the true gold. Persistence and strategic focus matters.


~To risk is to feed a crocodile.

The safest bet is to convince someone to feed the crocodile for you.


I wish my parents or educational systems taught me what I discovered today about love-o-phobia.

Fear for the love that I have within,

Buries me deep into the darkness.

Immobilised by the fear of betrayal,

Petrified by the possibility of a broken heart;

I stand musing the illusionary shadow cast hereby.

Thus, I googled ‘why so many are afraid of love’ itself.

A golden treasure that I discovered metaphors:

Love is the fragrant rose to the thorns it intricately carries.

To love truly is to nurture the presence of a beautiful rose.

I love rose bouquets, oh, how many thorns do I have to sustain?

A load full of thorns in bouquets I so hesitate to bear

That I forgot how beautiful the roses can be.



It is difficult for me to understand, how can violence be fun?


Only human angels stand by in bad times. Animals run and birds fly away.


Wise words fly… with overspeaking/oversimplification.