When you need my help, you don’t need my promise:

I’ll simply Do it.

~Collective dream

I don’t need to prove the beliefs. Reason: Reality is truly a collective fantasy.


 No one gives incorrect answers. It’s just that you’ve asked a different question at a different time.

A Kid

Wonderland. Fantasy-
Where have they evaporated
From the childhood gone past
Doll turned into chick,
Boy turned into banana.
Can the tables of Nowhere in once upon a time
Bring the happy endings to this world?
Our world ends with oblivious sorrow.
Theirs is an eternal joy-
Cherished every moment.
Stories written by the writers


Learning Genetics is like learning a new language

Questions to no one

She said:
I am trapped int the hexagons of your love.
So I want to free the triplicate of
Love objectified- the deity of idols of the stone.
You, me and us.
From the time limits of cold glassplane
Now, free, melt, reshape
Those broken pieces of glass stained.
Can I give you enough ever? I fear the sounds
Of shuddering glass, again.
No one gave me magical band aid that saves
my tiny little finger’s blood
From oozing out
From the veins of heart.
Subtly insecure; who will help me through this pain?
Why does my smily lips ballroom dance
with ghostly eyes, so unrhythmically?
I phrase grammatically correct words to all-
but they sink with blockages in
emotional river-turned-into-gutter
My voice is comprehensible, humorous, trustworthy,
Yet lacking charm of clarity, humility and warmth.
Where the machinery of poisoned world end,
Shall I find a true-er me?


Better to give guidance than forcing or tracing the entire path for someone.